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Investment Schedule

There is an initial investment required to join the Network. In addition, the monthly Membership Fee your agency pays for group services, including "Direct Access" with binding authority to markets, is based on your agency's actual increase in monthly commissions earned over a prior year's base. You will have the ability to use additional insurance markets who did not give you a "Direct Producer Code" using our "Access Plus" placement facility and receive a significantly higher percentage of the total commission than you would under a normal producers agreement.

Our carriers understand that your agency will be in a true cooperative venture with BGI Agency Network and not just another brokerage or cluster group. That is why they allow "Direct Access" codes to agencies who could not qualify on their stand alone premium volume. Our long term relationship will give us a small vested interest position in the GROWTH ONLY of your agency's income. This means it is in your and our best interest for us to do everything possible to help you acquire "Direct Access" codes and increase your income as much as possible.

By sharing our National Level Growth and Profit Sharing Overrides with your agency, the carriers know we will work closely with you to write profitable business that "fits" into their desired underwriting classes. This will allow all members to maximize income from their growth and capitalize on their profitable books of business that would be too small to qualify for a contingency bonus on a stand alone basis.

Please contact us for more information on cost of joining the program.